Who we are

The Scuderia Hermanos Rodríguez A.C. is Mexico’s racing honor society.

It was founded by brothers Pedro and Ricardo Rodríguez de la Vega on November 13th, 1959 and, after their death  -in 1971 and 1962, respectively- his younger brother, Alejandro, kept using the badge  and racing under its name until his retirement.

Afterwards, he kept organizing events to remember the brothers and in 1997 it was re founded as a Civil Association by Carlos Eduardo Jalife Villalon and Alejandro Rodriguez de la Vega himself.

Amongst our objectives, we seek to recover Mexico’s racing history, in particular, but not limited to the Rodriguez brothers, and to pay homage to outstanding sportsmen in motorsports, also racing mechanics, narrators and managers associated with them, conforming Mexico’s Racing Legion of Honor, a non-profit, motorsports brotherly group  
Some of the proposals that we offer, in order to achieve such objectives, are: to edit motorsports books,  to found a museum / hall of fame of mexican motorsports, and we recognize the best achievers in current national motorsports in yearly events since 1997.

Our badge is the side view of a black, treaded tire with the SCUDERIA RODRIGUEZ lettering inside it, and on the central circle where the wheel should be, a side view of a black Eagle standing on a green nopal grabbing with it’s beak a red serpent over a  Ferrari yellow background. It was drawn by Pedro and Ricardo when they were underaged and it has been like that for almost 50 years.